Schefflera ‘Amate’

Native to our tropical north, with its glossy leaves and handsome form, this larger scale indoor plant is perfect for floor spaces and for greening up room corners. It will become larger over time, making it perfect for double height rooms or atriums. It’s not fussy in terms of plant care, although it will benefit from being potted up into a larger planter as it becomes root bound.


- Images shown here are a representation of the plants available.
- Plants may vary in shape, and colour.
- Pots and tools featured are sold separately: Renee Pot and 0.5 L Indoor Watering Can.


- Plants are available Click & Collect from our showroom in St Peters, Sydney. Please ensure they will fit in your vehicle.
- We offer plant delivery within 20km of St Peters. Get in touch with our team after your purchase to finalise a delivery quote.
- We aim to process orders within 24 hours of confirmation. You will receive an email from our team to confirm when your order is ready.

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