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Plant Care Instructions – Let’s Grow!

Welcome to our plant care guide. Giving your garden the care it needs to flourish into a place of harmony and balance is what it means to experience garden life. We hope that the below guide gives you all that you need to connect with your plant joy.

Care Guide - Indoor Plants

Use this as a guide only. It’s best to research your individual plant’s needs so they can thrive in your home.


Most indoor plants require well-lit positions. The more filtered the light, the better. However, avoid hot western sun through the windows as this could burn foliage.


As a rule, water thoroughly, then let the soil dry out before re-watering. Test moisture levels by putting a finger into the potting mix and water when the soil is dry. For indoor succulents, leave longer between drinks. In the cooler months, water less frequently. When in doubt, it’s safer to underwater than to overdo it.


Apply a liquid feed monthly during the growing season – spring/summer


Many plants respond with additional growth after being re-potted into a larger pot. YouTube is a great resource for specific instructions!


Most indoor pests can be removed by hand or with a damp cloth. Remember, most insecticides contain chemicals. Eco-oil can be used as a safe spray against aphids, scale, and mealy bug.


Wipe leaves glean with a damp soft cloth to remove dust. Some leafy foliage plants benefit from a cold shower which also ensures a good watering.

Care Guide - Potted Cacti & Succulents

Use this as a guide only. It’s best to research your individual plant’s requirements. Check out reference videos on YouTube, as these can be very helpful!


Succulents and cacti are easy to propagate to create new plants. Taking cuttings and division of plants is simple – again, best to look online for guidance.


Many species will work well indoors. As a rule, avoid any silver or grey foliage plants inside – larger green leaves are more suited to indoors. Some Agave, Aloes and Crassula will be ok. It’s always good to experiment with a small specimen and see what it does over a few months. You can bring them inside for a few days and take outside for a rest under a tree or shady spot (ideally avoid hot sun when taking outside as they will burn). Water less if planted indoors, and almost nothing in winter. Watch for aphids and pests.


Most specimens require a minimum of four hours of direct sun each day. Many thrive in full sun, although hot afternoon sun can bleach out and burn foliage. No sunscreen required.


These plants have adapted to grow with reduced water needs and they store water in their stems and leaves. However, they do need some water. As a rule, in the warmer months water thoroughly once a week – enough so you can see water coming out of the bottom of the pot. Put your finger a couple of centimetres down into the soil and feel if the soil is moist. Only water when the potting mix is very dry. In autumn and winter – reduce watering to fortnightly at the most.


Use a six-month slow-release fertiliser in spring, such as Osmocote. Use at half the rate of general shrubs.


Many plants respond with additional growth after being re-potted. This can be into a larger pot or just the same one with fresh potting mix. Roots can easily be trimmed. Always use a premium quality Cacti and Succulent Potting Mix when repotting. Be careful for little pricks!


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