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Q&A With Elise Pioch

Chatting with Maison Balzac creator, Elise Pioch.

In constantly trying to improve our connection to the natural world, we also must connect deeper to one another. Growing together, learning together, and understanding how nature can influence all of us. This month, we chatted to Elise, owner of Maison Balzac, whose designs complement the natural and bring out wondrous touches of design to any space. We wanted to understand what influences her and how she finds connection to nature and the garden.


1. How do you connect with nature in your day-to-day?

I always look up to the clouds and down to the insects every time I am out. I am fascinated by them and they ground me.

2. Is there a plant that you couldn’t live without?

Thyme! I always laugh that I have to plant thyme wherever I am as I am scared to run out of “thyme.”

3. Describe your garden (or gardening?) style in one word?

Low maintenance.

4. Do you have a favourite garden or nature memory ?

Yes, so many! The most vivid being in Roque-Haute, a tiny hill near the sea in the south of France (where I grew up), sitting on a rock warmed up by the summer sun, covered by orange and pale green lichen, smelling the surrounding pine trees and wild thyme, looking at the blue horizon of the Mediterranean sea and listening to the buzz of the bees. HEAVEN!

5. What’s a place you always love to visit?

Since I have moved to the Pittwater area there is no other place I want to go. This is my happy place now!

6. What’s the best piece of life advice that someone has ever given you, and who gave it to you?

My dad once said to me, “you never have two chances to make a first good impression.”

7. What’s the best piece of advice you could pass onto a younger creative?

Follow your intuition even when it feels crazy.

8. Who is your creative guiding force?

Nature and Jean Cocteau.

9. Is there anything you still want to learn in life?

Of course! I would love to learn how to live within the cultures of traditional Aboriginal communities in the wild and learn how to be patient.

10. If you could snap your fingers and change three things right now – what would they be? (eg.  environmental, social, political or personal).



1/replace our money system with a trade/barter system 2/delete plastic pollution from the earth 3/make everybody feel happy forever.


You can shop some of her beautiful products in-store or at Maison Balzac.

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