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The Beauty Of Terracotta Pots

Why we love, love, love Terracotta!

Terracotta pots have long been a staple in the garden, ranging back for thousands of years. Although the techniques for creating them have evolved over time, the aesthetic pleasure of them has far from diminished. Bringing soft tones and textures of orange that can either serve as a hero piece or blend in to their surroundings. Let’s explore some various types of terracotta and why we love using terracotta pots in the garden so much.


Terracotta pots breathe, allowing air to flow to the soil and water to escape, preventing both soil rot and your plants from drowning.

They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Start small for plants such as Devils Ivy for indoors, and explore larger sizes outdoors for plants like Draco dracaena.

They come in many types of colours and textures. From overly porous and brittle to smooth and soft to touch. Deep oranges to greys. They are incredibly versatile.

In terms of pricing, the base level is very low, making them an easy access pot to start your garden journey.

They are great for creating contrast in your garden, bringing attention away from whites and greens as your garden grows.

They are completely plastic-free – much better for the environment!

When approaching terracotta from a design perspective we feel that they go best when aiming to achieve a Mediterranean setting, giving that touch of authenticity and tradition.

They also stack really well with Woodfired pots, the contrasting textures and colours give a complimentary styling to both pots.

Finally, when styling over timber, pebble, or various other natural style floorings. This allows the organic textures of the pot to work with its surroundings.

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