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Five Of Our Favourite Sydney Bushwalks

Going for a stroll – what better way to connect to nature than immersing yourself in it for a long and rambling stroll? Exploring the different terrains as they change around you as you climb higher and lower, experiencing the dry canopies all the way down to dense fern gullies. It’s one of the greatest gifts in life.

We want to share with you our selection of bushwalks around our beautiful city, which is so fortunate to have so much nature flowing through it.

Top 5 Sydney Bushwalks

1. Lane Cove National Park – Connecting to the Great Northern Walk, the Lane Cove National Park offers a beautiful and diverse bushwalk. With a trail that follows along Lane Cove River, the scenery is lush and dense rainforest. Vibrant green foliage covers the path as you stroll along. Choose a path and end up along the ridgeline, where banksia and eucalyptus trees climb high into the sky. Tucked away in Sydney’s north, you could spend hours and hours exploring the many walks available here. The Lane Cove Valley walk is a great place to start and then spend weekend after weekend exploring from there.

2. Cape Baily Track – Located in the city South, the Cape Bally track explores the dunes and beaches surrounding Kurnell. Expect to find various shrubs and trees that thrive under harsh conditions, being so exposed to heavy sun and strong winds. It’s a great place to explore interesting rock pools and hearty native flora. Perfect for a summer day with multiple rock pools and small beaches to have a dip in!

3. Flat Rock Beach Walk – There are many entrances to the flat rock beach walk! Located near Killarney Heights, this walk goes through very unique bushland. If you enter from St. Ives you’ll be traversing through thick eucalyptus forestry, then down towards the creek you’ll be exploring ferns and more dense forestry. If you’re not feeling quite so energetic, you can enter from Killarney Heights and it’s a breezy stroll down towards the beach.

4. Winifred Falls Walk – Park up at Audley Weir and begin your hour-long stroll through some beautiful bushland in the Royal National Park. You’ll be traversing a diverse range of bush, with plentiful dense forest and varying canopies. Your reward for the stroll? A swim in the beautiful pool at the bottom of the falls. If you’re feeling adventurous, travel either upstream or downstream and find a more secluded swimming hole.

5. Warrimoo Track – Starting in the north pockets of St Ives, this track takes you past the ANZAC Memorial Sphynx, which is surrounded by a more dry and exposed flora selection, before scaling down the ridge towards Bobbin Head, where you’ll feel like you’re in fern gully. Dense rain forest flows over the track, with beautiful trees and plants to run your fingers through and enjoy. Spend some time at the learning centre, understanding the traditional landowner’s way of living in this amazing national park.

We hope that you can use this guide to further connect to the local natural world of Sydney. Send through your favourite bushwalks and what makes bushwalking special to you.

If you’d like to join us on a charity bushwalk, then please view list of available dates.



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