Our values inform our thoughts, words and actions, and help us to develop and grow as individuals, as well as a business.

As a team we put pen to paper to develop what we feel is important to us and what we aspire to.  From this, we developed a series of values that guide us in our interactions with each other, our clients and suppliers.

Personal responsibility

We are positive, energetic and focused on providing solutions.  We pro-actively seek feedback without being defensive.  We demonstrate our personal commitment in all our actions and act to continuously improve our team, our services and our business.

We readily and openly admit our mistakes and gain insights from our experiences wherever we can.  We settle differences in a productive way by seeking common ground and acceptable alternatives.

Being of service; to ourselves, to each other and to those we meet along the way

We are active listeners and strive to make people feel understood and heard. We endeavour to gain insight into the needs of the other, whilst being true and honouring ourselves.

We strive to identify unique, new ways of servicing our customers to anticipate and deliver solutions that meet or exceed their expectations.  We strive to be of service within our community and do what we can as a business to help others less fortunate.

Feeling ‘Valued’

We strive to make each person we interact with feel valued whether client, supplier or fellow employee and treat everyone with equal importance.

We contribute to a work environment where differences are valued and supported. We strive to communicate clearly; we are direct, truthful but non-judgemental in our interactions and communication with others.


We value equality, inclusion, and dignity for all people around us.  We contribute to a work climate where our differences are accepted, valued, supported and respected.  We all play a part in building a culture of tolerance, and recognise that our words, actions and behaviours do make a difference.  We always strive for excellence and recognise that our differences make us stronger as a team.