Trinco Diary #1

What does a garden designer decide to do when he's his own client? Richard Unsworth reveals the process as his new garden develops.

Keeping a journal isn’t something I’ve ever managed consistently, and I’ve never been much of a blogger – so fingers crossed I can keep this up.  Until now I haven’t felt the need to express myself  about a subject.  But here’s the thing – I’ve recently discovered that I absolutely LOVE gardening.  Head over heels, truly madly, deeply – adore it.

That’s good isn’t it? I hear you say – particularly as I’ve had a moderately successful garden design business for almost 20 years now.

The reason for my new-found passion and obsession is a place called Trincomalee.  Sitting up high on Rocky Point, in-between the sleepy bays of Elvina and Lovett, she proudly looks at the West side of Scotland Island in Sydney’s Pittwater.  I can’t say what parts of the big old place lured me first – the weatherboard boat-shed next to the tidal pool; the handsome sandstone steps and meandering pathways leading up and around the almost-acre of wild and rambling garden; the stately old house overlooking the water or the old windmill above the well that still turns with a gentle rhythmic tune.

Or maybe it was the journey to reach the house, the best bit of which is the last 5 minutes.  You see, the house is on the mainland but only accessible by water, and that’s where the magic  happens.  In that short boat ride, city tensions are left in the wake, my heart leaps and as I pull up at the jetty I am HOME!!

But of course, it’s the garden that is the subject of this blog and I’m hoping you’ll join me on a personal gardening journey, as I uncover and discover the landscape, flora and fauna around the house – and how and where to start considering plans for its renewal. It’s rather daunting and at times overwhelming, but I’m filled with excitement, passion and energy when I think of the possibilities.

I’ve been really fortunate to have seen some truly wonderful gardens around the world that have completely captured my heart, and now I start to glimpse the possibilities of creating my own garden.

I’m under no illusion that the journey ahead is going to be easy or quick, (whenever has quick and easy brought great reward?) but hopefully a lifetime commitment and labour of love.

I’ll be posting a monthly update on my garden progress, my plans, hopes, ideas and ramblings about its renovation – and I look forward to sharing it with you.

Richard Unsworth

Picture credit: Richard Unsworth

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