Trinco Diary # 3


Trinco Diary # 3

By far my favourite and most striking element of the garden at Pittwater is the sandstone.

From the paving surrounding the tidal pool, the imposing steps and retaining walls leading up to the house, to the rectilinear flagging in the pathways – it’s everywhere.

The weathered and grainy stone gives a sense of faded grandeur and gravitas to the property that it rightly deserves

Laid down over 120 years ago, and most probably sourced from a nearby quarry, it would have been the only material of choice for the exterior flooring and walling for a property with this heritage – and goodness knows how they physically moved and installed it there!!

Part of the reason I adore it is so much is the nostalgia for the stone walls and floors in the countryside and old buildings of my childhood in Yorkshire.  I’m so drawn to how it has weathered and softened – the organic way each piece has aged, yielding to moss and lichen in the dark spots, with weeds growing up around the joints.

There are certain sections that need rebuilding and reworking – tree roots have lifted giant slabs, steps have subsided and the edging of pathways fallen away in parts. An inclinator (V. useful but  v. fugly!) was installed approx. half a century ago and unfortunately completely cuts off some of the once charming meandering pathways.

I’m chomping at the bit to restore the stonework and the garden’s structure, to look at how one explores and moves around the space.  It’s going to be key to the garden’s future glory.

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