The City Gardener Book

The City Gardener Book

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Garden Life founder and creative director, Richard Unsworth’s, second book, The City Gardener.

A celebration of contemporary urban garden design, the book features 20 diverse and individual private gardens, all sitting within 10 km of the CBD, and all designed and produced by Richard and his team.

Our gardens and green spaces provide an essential refuge amid the seemingly ever-expanding concrete jungle. Even without the luxury of sprawling suburban lawns or vast planting areas, there are many ways to create unique, exciting and enduring verdant spaces in the inner-city – from a sun-drenched entertainer’s rooftop to a family friendly multi-functional back yard. And even within the city, there are gardens with sprawling lawns and planting beds. You will be surprised!

The City Gardener demonstrates how inspired design can optimise the space we have, whether expansive or tiny, to create a plant paradise. With design direction and ethos being driven firstly by the clients brief, and secondly their home, lifestyle and surrounding environment, each garden has a form, pattern and personality all of its own.

As well as beautiful imagery by photographer, Nicholas Watt, the book is packed with detailed information on each case study, including garden plans detailing layout and materials, full planting lists. In addition, the expert tips on design principles, planting palettes, furnishings and finishes, makes this book the ultimate urban gardening resource.

Available at Garden Life and at all good bookstores nationally.



“Richard Unsworth is the master of urban garden design. His new book, The City Gardener, is a luscious journey through some of Sydney’s most gorgeous inner-city gardens. The book is not only inspiring, but informative – complete with plant lists, design principles and styling tips – making The City Gardener the perfect resource for readers wanting to create their own urban oasis.”  Georgina Reid, Editor, The Planthunter


“Uber-stylish landscape designer, author and retailer, Richard Unsworth, has lent his bright verdant aesthetic to many well-dressed Australian gardens. In his new tome, The City Gardener, Richard demonstrates that you don’t have to have vast tracts of land to create a chic living, breathing oasis of green even amidst the chaos of a metropolis.” Tanya Buchanan, Editor in Chief, Belle & Australian House & Garden


“Landscapes considered and realised through diligent placement and selection of the most luxuriant plant materials, coupled with considered textures and graphic forms that have become Richard’s recognisable and distinguished signature.” Saskia Havekes, Founder, Grandiflora

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