Tamara Deans Nature Inspired Art


Tamara Deans Nature Inspired Art

Artist Tamara Dean is looking forward to welcoming the city dwellers back to the country for the launch of her new exhibition ‘High Jinks in the Hydrangeas’ at Ngununggula Gallery, Bowral. Her work is provocative, moving, and deeply engaged in the natural world. Playing with photography and creativity to capture themes of trauma, loss, and isolation, all very fitting for the past couple of years.

Inside you will be confronted with thought-evoking sculptures, photographs, a video experience, and subtle sounds that aim to transport you to another place. Having painted the walls black, the contrast of energy coming off the photos is immediately felt. Her style shines through against the black backdrop, drawing your attention to the hidden details and messages.


The gallery will be open until the 12th of December. Be sure to make your way South West to discover what lies in wait.



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