Queen B Bees Wax Candles – Trinity Candle Set

The versatile Trinity candleholder is a minimalist & stylish take on the honeycomb cell.  It is designed to hold Bee Light candles, Dinner Taper candles and our Tosca candles (as used by Opera Australia for their production of Tosca)

H: ~4.5cm
W: ~4cm

Presented in our stunning Black Label packaging, the box contains

1 x Brass Trinity candleholder; and
1 x 30cm Dinner candle; and
1 x Bee Lights

so that you can fire it up immediately and enjoy the luxury of bee created light.

Made in Sydney, Australia.

This candle holder is for use with our Bee Lights, Dinner Candles and Tosca Candles.


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$ 70.00


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