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Bamboo Basket

Bamboo Basket Patterned woven bamboo... From $45.00 $95.00

Border Fork Stainless Steel

Border Fork Stainless Steel The Border Fork is the... From $95.00

Border Spade Stainless Steel

Border Spade Stainless Steel The Border Fork is the... From $95.00

Brass Lassi Candle

Brass Lassi Candle Handpoured soy candle in... From $50.00

Brass Tin Candle Sun

Brass Tin Candle Sun Handpoured soy and coconut... From $35.00

Broom Woolshed – Tumut Black

Broom Woolshed – Tumut Black Handmade in Tumut NSW. The... From $95.00

Brush – Dish

Brush – Dish Handmade in Germany each... From $8.00

Brush – Nailbrush Fibre

Brush – Nailbrush Fibre A classic and useful nail... From $9.00

Brush – Vegetable

Brush – Vegetable A classic and useful nail... From $12.00

Candle No 5

Candle No 5 Each candle is lovingly... From $40.00

Citronella Candle

Citronella Candle A crisp citronella candle... From $55.00

Duralite Candle

Duralite Candle These smart, elegant... From $225.00

Dustpan – White Enamel

Dustpan – White Enamel Sturdy and stylish white... From $35.00

Gardener’s Soap

Gardener’s Soap A tough exfoliating soap... From $20.00

Geo Screen

Geo Screen Exclusive to Garden Life,... From $995.00

Indian Clay Effigy

Indian Clay Effigy These antique figurines... From $175.00

Indonesian Woven Baskets

Indonesian Woven Baskets We love the proportion and... From $00.00

Konya Yessil Pot

Konya Yessil Pot These cute little Turkish... From $30.00

Leif Kakadu Plum Hand Balm

Leif Kakadu Plum Hand Balm The uplifting scents of... From $18.95

Leif Lillypilly Handwash

Leif Lillypilly Handwash The uplifting scents of... From $29.95

Marble Trivet

Marble Trivet Unique, white marble... From $75.00

Maroc Screen

Maroc Screen Exclusive to Garden Life,... From $1,395.00

Olive Basket

Olive Basket These amazing perforated... From $125.00

Seagrass Cylinder

Seagrass Cylinder Simple yet versatile,... From $20.00

Seagrass Hanger

Seagrass Hanger Our adaptable hanging... From $35.00

Seagrass Plain Doormat

Seagrass Plain Doormat Simple is sometimes the... From $25.00

Seagrass Stripe Basket

Seagrass Stripe Basket Our Seagrass Basket is... From $75.00

Seagrass Striped Doormat

Seagrass Striped Doormat Smart stripes that feel... From $30.00

Secateurs – Wood Handled

Secateurs – Wood Handled Beautiful stainless steel... From $45.00

Secateurs with Leather Handles

Secateurs with Leather Handles High grade carbon steel... From $35.00

Sun Umbrella

Sun Umbrella Our new versatile range of... From $259.00

Sun Umbrella Octagonal

Sun Umbrella Octagonal Our Octagonal Sun Umbrella... From $899.00

Sun Umbrella Square

Sun Umbrella Square An essential for any pool... From $945.00

Sun Umbrella with Timber Handle

Sun Umbrella with Timber Handle Enjoy long summer days... From $450.00

Thermowood Nail Brush

Thermowood Nail Brush Thermally modified timber,... From $25.00

Thermowood Nail Brush Oval

Thermowood Nail Brush Oval Thermally modified timber,... From $30.00

Twine Ball Natural

Twine Ball Natural Use these big balls of... From $15.00

Umbrella Stand

Umbrella Stand Now there is no excuse to... From $175.00

Vintage Moroccan Rugs & Blankets

Vintage Moroccan Rugs & Blankets We currently have a very... From $00.00

Wooden Indo Rice Pounders

Wooden Indo Rice Pounders We have a beautiful... From $00.00

Woollen Duster

Woollen Duster Made from premium New... From $25.00

Young Boar

Young Boar Created by German artist... From $225.00