New Italian Terracotta


New Italian Terracotta

A new Italian Terracotta range is now instore!

In true Italian style these new arrivals are contemporary classics, their versatility ensuring they are suitable for both traditional and modern gardens alike. Italian Terracotta is made from time-honoured techniques and is notable for its quality and durability. We have a range of styles and sizes in stock of these modern, simple and timeless planters. View the full range here.

Inspired by Puglia…

Our days of travelling seem so far away now, but one enduring memory of mine is a trip to Puglia in 2016. A friend had mentioned an absolute must visit – the 12th century convent situated in the south, Il Convento di Santa Maria di Costantinopoli.

It was the last home of the late Lord McAlpine, an avid collector of art, objects, books, homes and a man who seemed to certainly live life to the full. By far, my favourite part of the house was the cloistered courtyard and rooftop, with the most wonderful collection of terracotta and cacti combinations. Repetition of the same, with slight contrasts in heights and forms had such strength.

Our new Italian Terracotta range, coupled with hand-selected succulents and cacti, make great partners. Start your collection today, with just a few or a whole rooftop!

– Richard Unsworth

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