Mosman Project Featured In House & Garden


Mosman Project Featured In House & Garden

Our most recent Mosman project was featured in the March edition of House & Garden.

We loved working with talented partners to help bring about a wonderful result for our clients and this collab with architect Vitale Design and interior designers Hugh-Jones Mackintosh was a true pleasure to work on.

The considered design of the home allowed for multiple areas for dining, cooking, lounging, and entertaining, including a wonderful bespoke woodfired oven by Vitale. The garden planting was anchored with a pair of ex-orchard olives we craned into place and an existing central Jacaranda. The end result is a changing emotive state as you move from space to space in this wonderfully layered garden.


Huge thanks to our clients for trusting us, and we are super excited to be on our next project together.


View the article about the garden here: HG2203p131-137_MAIN GARDEN Garden Life_v2.0

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