How to: multi-planting in pots


How to: multi-planting in pots

They say variety is the spice of life, and this goes for gardens too!

Multi-planting is a style of potting that we’re big fans of here at Garden Life. It’s essentially selecting two or three different plants for a composition in the one pot. In this case, less is not more – more is more!

Once you learn the basics of multi-planting, it’s simple to create cacti and succulent arrangements, lush shade loving compositions, or edible gardens that thrive. Here are some guidelines to follow:

Light /shade

Where will your garden be positioned? Will the selected pot sit in strong sunlight or a dark shady corner? Once you determine what light you have, then ensure all the plants you select like the same light conditions, if you’re going to group them together.


As only one pot will be used, select plants that like the same levels of moisture too. Succulents and cacti are a great example; as they both enjoy drier conditions, they’ll all happily live together. Similarly, a fern garden would need to be kept damp, so select different styles of ferns, or a combination of ferns and other moisture loving plants.


Determine what will go into the planter. Look for plants with different forms and textures. These can be subtle differences or more contrasting. Think about the shapes – one plant could be tall and narrow to create height, the next lower and mounding, and the final could be a trailing plant that spills over the side of the pot. Likewise, different textures create interest, also consider foliage colour, as well as flowers.

Expert Tip

The most unlikely combinations are usually the most impactful, so take a risk and try something unusual or architectural to make a bold statement.

If this seems overwhelming, our team can help you select the various plants that will grow and thrive in whatever position you have – come and talk to us!

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