How to: care for plants in winter


How to: care for plants in winter

Winter is often a time when indoor plants can struggle

Winter is often a time when indoor plants can struggle as we love them too much! They are quite happy in our cooler temperatures, indoors, but we do need to keep in mind a few things to make sure they make it through winter intact. Here are our top five tips on watering indoor plants in winter:

1. KEEP IT COOL – Keep plants away from the hot drying air of heaters and fires – we need to keep cozy, but they hate direct heat sources as this can dry them out and crisp them up. If you have a very hot house in winter, consider moving your plants to a cooler room that isn’t heated as much.

2. WATER LESS – plants don’t need as much water in winter because they are dormant, and it is very important that we don’t over water them. Allow them to dry out (a few days is usually ok) between watering, then water well. It’s important with any indoor succulents that you allow them to dry out for longer periods in winter.

3. DON’T FEED – your plants aren’t very hungry in winter. Once it warms up in spring you can start with a monthly liquid feed again.

4. CHANGE IT UP – Moving plants to a brighter windowsill or corner of a room is a good idea. These areas can be too hot in summer but perfect in the winter sun.

5. INSIDE TO OUTSIDE – If you are in a warmer frost-free climate it can be a good time to put the plants outside to catch more light. The gentle winter sun is perfect and not too strong.

Photo credit: The Plant Hunter

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