Hard To Find Plants – April


Hard To Find Plants – April

We search far and wide to bring you the best selection of quality hard to find plants that Sydney has to offer. With rare species, special mutations, and so much more available in our showroom, you’ll be sure to find that special plant that you’ve been looking for.


In stock at the moment we have:

  • Monstera ‘Thai Constellation’
  • Caladium ‘White Christmas’
  • Crassula ‘Buddha’s Temple’
  • Alocasia melo
  • Alocasia azlanii
  • Hoya pubicalyx
  • Pothos manjula
  • Philodendron ‘Splendid’ meloanochrysum x cerrucosum
  • Ficus deltoidea ‘Mistletoe Fig’
  • Syngonium ‘Fantasy’
  • Syngonium ‘Confetti’
  • Begonia maculata


Stop by our showroom any day of the week to explore or call us on (02) 9517 3633 to reserve a special plant.


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