Terrace Garden

Terrace Garden

A great result in the smallest of courtyards

  • Use the vertical space
  • Custom planters
  • Scale adds impact
  • Repetition creates structure

The central atrium of this stylish inner-city terrace is the focus of the whole house. This is the second time we have visited this space, and the clients approached us again to refresh the space we first transformed about nine years ago.

We created a composition of nine new handmade Jali screens on the main wall grounded by a large bespoke amoebic planter containing Banksia integrifolia specimens. Crisp cut sandstone and Nepean gravel create interest on the floor and looks great when viewed from the floor above. Up on the roof terrace we transplanted existing mature specimens into custom cylinders painted with Murobond bridge paint.

Texture is a key feature of this courtyard oasis

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