Resort Rooftop

Therapeutic Inner City Retreat

  • Verdant transformation
  • Attention to detail is key
  • Inbuilt classic spa
  • New bluestone paving and timberwork

Our clients’ brief was to transform their barren concrete rooftop terrace into a relaxing therapeutic haven – and also work out where they can best incorporate their newly purchased traditional hot tub.

We positioned the tub to take advantage of the city views whilst offering privacy from neighbouring buildings.  Next we needed to develop a structural scheme to surround and ‘bed in’ the spa using spotted gum and bluestone paving, – the carefully considered paving layout also ensuring the confined floor area appears more expansive.

A series of wide bespoke planters were fabricated to run down the length of a long dominant wall and planted with an array of lush foliage so we could really soften this harsh space and give a great outlook from the bedrooms.  Surrounding the sitting area we created compositions of interesting planters and layered foliage to nestle in the furniture and green up the space.

It’s an amazing result for such a small space

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