Relaxed Coastal, Palm Beach

Relaxed Coastal, Palm Beach

A firm favourite

  • Garden Renovation
  • Keep the Assets
  • Mediterranean Inspiration
  • Texture Overload

This project in Palm Beach is a firm favourite of ours and it’s not hard to see why. The old planting in the garden lacked variety and consisted mainly of plumbago, agapanthus and conifers. The monotonous planting was also obscuring the many low and informal sandstone retaining walls and garden beds snaking around the garden.

We replanted with a combination of architectural and more naturalistic plant palette and layout drawing inspiration from Mediterranean and Moroccan gardens we love. Combining Miscanthus, Aloes and salvias with Mexican lillies, rosemary, Indian hawthorn and Mauritian hemp bush, the various textures and colours all come together to create an enchanting scheme.

The site is very exposed to high winds and lots of sun, so the plants feel perfectly at home here and thrive in this location. Some of the existing conifers were kept as they had some scale and maturity and we replanted a large amount of the agapanthus as their foliage is useful and super tough.

Flowering is constant within the garden, from the orange winter-flowering Aloes, to the white blossom of the Raphiolepsis in spring, the Agapanthus in summer and Salvias going right through to autumn. The delicate flower heads of the Miscanthus sway in the breeze and stay until cut back in early spring.

Our client now loves to potter around and be involved in her new garden, enjoying the learnings of the plants and has found a new passion for tending to the new green friends in her life. At each step and turn there is now a new discovery and delight.