Paddington Gem

Previously, with its tired terracotta flooring and shabby boundary treatments, this inner-city space was in dire need of transformation. Ludvig Mies Van der Rohe stated, ‘God is in the detail’ and we think there is something of the divine in the simple detailing of this fresh and inspiring garden.

The stunning new bluestone flooring comprises a combination of herringbone inlay, as well as large one-piece step treads that help expand the horizontal space. On the walls we used horizontal white timber battens for clean, strong lines.

But of course its the planting that makes this space really shine. The existing two large Frangipani trees were retained and we used a mostly succulent combination to give interesting foliage colour and texture contrasts on a lower level.

A huge terracotta hero planter makes for a huge statement, confirming the rule of putting in large objects in confirmed space – it always works.

Garden Life & Times

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