Natural Entertainer

Natural Entertainer

Space to socialise

  • Natural textures
  • Stone finishes
  • Rich and layered planting

Into music, cooking and connecting with friends our clients wanted a space for winding down from their busy lives – a big space to hang out with friends and family, whether it be for a long Sunday lunch or a place to party to the small hours.

Our response was to develop a relaxed yet defined scheme – big on natural finishes and textures, richly planted and layered, with a layout that can accommodate social gatherings of any kind.

The existing space lacked definition and structure. The back of the contemporary house is a huge double height room that looks out over the garden, so this was an opportunity to create an area both beautiful to look at and be in.

Natural stone and flooring finishes were selected to help earth down the space. Decomposed granite feels lovely underfoot, and double rows of travertine bricks offer detail and contrast with the large pads of Sydney sandstone.

We designed a finely detailed wide sandstone seat to help define the area and visually widen the space further, providing ample seating options for dining, parties and casual drinks.

A trio of Banksia integrifolia will grow and mature into a dense canopy to attract birds and give privacy from neighbours. Lower planting includes Neomarica caerula, Plectranthus cilitatus, Alpinia nutans and Ophiopogon jaburan. The climber is Solandra maxima.

The timber furniture from Eco Outoor and Robert Plumb was chosen to further soften the look and set a contemporary tone.