Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern

Palm Springs Vibes

  • Striking plants
  • Natural tones
  • Drought tolerant & tough

A revitalised front garden has the power to completely revamp a property and, in this case, we love the transformational effect given to the whole front of this Castle Cove house.

When we first saw the front garden, we could understand why our client had called us in. The 1960’s bungalow was surrounded at the front by a lawn, a driveway and not much else.

As well as living in a mid-century house and suburb, our client is heavily drawn towards Palm Springs architecture and LA design, so right from the get-go this was her brief and the direction we were heading in with the new garden. The brief excited us – we love the strong structure of architectural planting, and we could see the possibilities for renewal right from the start.

In terms of structure, changing some prominent architectural details at the front of the house helped to cement a more mid-century vibe. Narrow columns were removed, and more substantial pillars clad in sandstone were installed in their place. In addition, crazy pave sandstone replaced ceramic tiles and flowed around the front landing, helping to tie everything together.

We had fun developing the planting scheme and wanted to anchor down the front of the house with a few key specimens that straight away take you someplace else. The pallet is a combination of striking, hard edged foliage, mixed in with softer specimens, mounding and clumping forms and a touch of Mediterranean influence.

Mature Dwarf Date Palms combine with towering specimens of African Candelabra to form a strong contrast with each other and establish the main planting structure. Around the base of these are combinations of Kalanchoe Copper Spoons, Panda Plant, Twin Flower Agave, Chalk Sticks and mounds of Natal Plum. Advanced Olives add a softer accent and blend effortlessly with the stronger architectural forms.


Photography by Nicholas Watt.