Lush Inner City Garden

Lush Inner City Garden

Making the most out of your space

  • Ground leveling
  • Traditional architecture
  • Plant pairing
  • Maximizing entertainment area

When looking out on to this diverse space it is hard to believe you are only a few minutes’ walk from Sydney’s CBD.

When approached by our clients we were given the task to solve leveling issues in order to maximize the usable space and accentuate the entertainment area. We did this through in-built seating, allowing for a more functional space and the subtle incorporation of some striking pots and plants. These perfectly contrasted the clients existing planting scheme whilst also highlighted certain points of the garden.

At Garden Life, we always aspire to match the architectural language of a house when designing our gardens and this project was no different. As the house is a historic building we decided to use Beauford stone from Eco Outdoors to add a contemporary feel whilst keeping its traditional essence. The pale stone was then paired nicely with the palette of soft tonal cushions and seating as well as the surrounding pots.

The existing block feature wall of the pool was softened using Porters lime wash so that it sat comfortably within the naturalistic space.

This project highlights how achievable it is to create your own backyard paradise even within an inner city setting.

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