Intimate Oasis

Intimate Oasis

Planting maximalism and anything goes

  • Layers and layers
  • Unique planters
  • Texture overload
  • Verdant oasis

What this inner city garden lacks in size it sure makes up for in personality.  This space belongs to one of Sydney’s leading florists and the brief was to create a really full and natural garden space bursting with loads of planting variety and texture.

In response we created a planting palette full of contrasting layers using various forms of foliage and flowers, with an overall feel of a subtropical inner city oasis.  Old fashioned plants such as cane begonias and iris sit so well next to cascading succulents, stag horns, bamboo and plectranthus.

The main feature at the rear of the garden is a large bespoke outdoor mirror reflecting the richly layered planting and small formal pond in front adding depth and interest.

Organic egg-shaped granite pavers in the upper level are surrounded by kidney weed, softening the edges and contrasting with the slick concrete on the lower level.

The intimate garden is a great example of maximalist planting in a small space.