City Rooftop

City rooftop

The perfect hang out - all year round

  • Sydney rooftop
  • Textural tapestry
  • Rich foliage
  • City views

Garden Life collaborated with interior designer Brendan Wong for this inner-city rooftop project. Our main-focus here was to incorporate a planting scheme, which not only accentuated the space and maintained views, but could also handle heavy exposure to the elements.

We centred our attention on creating a tapestry of plant textures that seamlessly flowed between each other with only subtle colour variation. We were able to achieve this through the arrangement of miniature jade (Crassula minima), Chocolate soldier (Kalanchoe tomentose) and Sprenger’s asparagus (Asparagus meyeri). Trailing rhipsalis (Rhipsalis capilliformis) was also used to create variation as well as camouflage the planters.

The arrangement of plants was integral within the space as they needed to add naturality and create a vibe while not detracting from the view or the surrounding furniture and appliances. Additionally, a soft grey colour was chosen for the engineered wood flooring as it paired well with the pots and furniture as well as acted as a sophisticated backdrop for the rich foliage.

It’s the perfect party rooftop!