Inner City Courtyard

Inner City Courtyard

Maximizing space and usability

  • Open air courtyard
  • Multi-functional furniture
  • Layers and textures
  • Boston Ivy

This open aired inner-city courtyard was an interesting project for Garden Life as we were asked to give our clients’ outdoor living space a natural revamp, whilst keeping it low maintenance and child friendly. In response, we installed AstroTurf which adds to the vibe while requiring next to no upkeep. Additionally, we obscured the surrounding walls, allowing them to not only recede but act as a silhouette for the circumjacent plant life.

We installed Boston Ivy in conjunction with a variety of layered plants to soften the main wall, creating a more natural and immersive vibe. The far side of the courtyard benefits greatly from the darkened wall which nicely juxtaposes the three handmade terracotta pots, further highlighting the dignified elephant tusks (Sansevieria stuckyi).

The bespoke lounge and planter was used to maximise entertainment space whilst multi-functional and durable bean bags added a stylised yet relaxed feel.  Handwoven African plates hung from the shaded dining area wall further add character and texture to the space.

This inner-city courtyard is a perfect example of how you can get the most, naturally and physically out of any space.

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