Heritage Charm

Heritage Charm

Charming update of a heritage garden

  • Classic contemporary style
  • Substantial and charming
  • Clipped forms

Our clients were in the throws of a major renovation to bring this 1888 heritage property back to its former glory when they engaged us to help do the same with the vast garden.

While the garden is still young, we love how it’s maturing and coming together.

A series of large clipped balls of various textures and foliage colours flows around the front and down the side of the property, mostly planted in the beds and some directly into the gravel on the long drive.  There is a subtle tapestry of contrasting greens and silvers from the Elaeagnus, Japanese box and Teucrium.

In and around these strong and constant shapes other plants rise, flower, and fall as the seasons change, including the Japanese windflower and Iris.  A white bougainvillea grows up the front face of the house and around the front portico.

There are many more elements to show off from this handsome garden, but it’s not quite ready for a full reveal just yet!  Nature takes time and that’s the beauty of it.