Morocco Meets Sydney

Morocco Meets Sydney

Moroccan vibes in the eastern suburbs

  • Moroccan tiles and pots
  • Architectural plants
  • Redefining a living space
  • Outdoor courtyard

Garden Life collaborated with Sydney based interior designer Justine Hugh-Jones for this inner-city courtyard refurbish. With Justine transforming the interior of the house from dark tones to light it allowed us to bring this outdoor space to life.

With the client and ours mutually shared love for Marrakesh, we decided to heavily incorporate elements of it within the space. Therefore, we used Moroccan tiles for the green feature wall as well as our handmade Moroccan pots for various plants around the house. The calico stone floor highlights the light wooden finish of Robert Plum’s outdoor arm chairs and table as well as pairing nicely with the herringbone patterned feature wall.

Within various spaces of the house, we chose to involve some bold, architectural cacti and succulents to help provide definition and texture to the surroundings. This is notably seen through the pair of spineless prickly pear cacti (Opuntia ficus-indica) on the balcony and the Cowboy Cacti (Euphorbia) or Long leafed fig (Ficus longifolia) in the courtyard.

This project highlights one’s ability to redefine an outdoor living space and truly make it their own.