Coastal Luxe

Coastal Luxe

Many courtyards do make a home

  • Oceanfront entertainer
  • Contrasting courtyards and entertaining spots
  • Subtropical and succulent garden
  • Terracotta and textures

Oh, how much do we want to spend our summers here in this paradise!

We were called in to help transform this coastal haven in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs and we love the stunning results.

The home lies on three levels with various outdoor spaces offering great opportunities as well lots of challenges.  It’s exposed location right behind Bronte beach meant we had to carefully consider our plant palette (as we always do).

Both sheltered courtyards and wildly exposed balconies allowed us to use a wide variety of plant material, creating different vibes around this amazing beach house.

The lower courtyard is a good example of how using scale in small spaces really gives great results. A trio of advanced dwarf date palms gave instant impact and we under planted these with Agaves, asparagus and cotyledons.

On the opposite side, a couple of over sized terracotta pots from our MC range look dramatic against the charcoal – these hero pots make such a statement here.

On the upper levels facing the ocean, we used compositions made from our antique Turkish planters and urns massed with hardy succulents that thrive in the salt-laden air.

The inner courtyard is a calm space and sanctuary where we created a lush vibe.  Plants include elephants ears, heliconia, gingers and clumping bamboo.