Chic Family Home

Chic Family Home

Multi-level home with a central courtyard

  • Palm canopy
  • Complex planting
  • Rooftop garden

This stunning new home in Mosman gave us many opportunities to play with different spaces, the various elements all coming together to complement the architecture by design legends BKH.

The multi-level home is designed around a central courtyard, in which we craned in a couple of huge mature Bangalow palms.  Their generous canopies provide shade to the lushly planted courtyard below and the crowns are seen throughout the house.  We planted elk and stag horns onto their trunks which will mature and colonise over time.

In the lower garden, the undercroft area is paved in chic encaustic cement tiles, and by using a combination of smart teak furniture and our terracotta cylinders we created a perfect chill out spot amongst the lush greenery.

Down by the pool we mass planted asparagus Meyerii on top of the wall and used a trio of our contemporary cylinders massed with cardboard palms to define the space.

Six floors up from the pool, a succulent garden with native grasses on the exposed rooftop bring softness and completes the picture.

We love the stunning result of using a complex variety of appropriate planting, some cool planters with texture and are grateful for the opportunity of working with some lovely clients on this exciting job!