Garden Life was born out of a desire to create beautiful gardens and bring together a unique range of products in an inspiring space, for clients to enjoy and experience in their own home and outdoor areas.
Founder Richard Unsworth started the business with a van, some tools and an adventurous sense of hope back in 1998. Twenty years later it has become synonymous with creating beautiful, award-winning garden spaces as well as supplying the discerning garden lover with a unique range of planters, objects, architectural pieces and of course plant specimens.

The Team

We are lucky enough to have a great team of awesome people working with us.  Our award-winning design team comes with more than 35 years of experience and it shows in the variety and depth of work we produce.  Take a look at our Design pages to get a glimpse of what we have done, but bear in mind, our goal is to reproduce your dream garden, not ours. Our approach is simple: we seek to serve our clients and to anticipate and deliver solutions that exceed their expectations.


The Store

  Without blowing our trumpet too much, we like to think we have the best garden retail space in Australia.  From our travels both around the globe and around the corner, our store is a celebration of the unique and the natural.  We bring together a diverse and original collection of garden elements: pots, plants, accessories and architectural elements.  Our terracotta pots hailing from Morocco are hand-thrown by true artisans using a  traditional foot wheel.   Whitewashed Turkish antique planters from Konya, the most beautiful copper vesels, hollowed timber logs and the largest collection of Anatolian urns we have ever seen are collected by a family that we have dealt with for over a decade. If your taste is for something slicker we enjoy collaborating with award-winning designers to bring you a strong collection of contemporary planters to enhance any style of outdoor space. When it comes to plants, we pride ourselves on hand selecting a range of specimens that we know will thrive in our homes and urban landscapes.  We like to call them performance plants! We throw all this together (ok some say carefully curate) in interesting and exciting compositions to help inspire our visitors to make successful and enduring choices for their own garden spaces.  


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