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Adakupu Ribbed Jar

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These gorgeous old pots have a great textured finish. Sourced from Turkey but originally from Greece, they are available in a range of sizes and colours and make a wonderful addition to any outdoor space. 


Bakir Kazan copper pot

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These gorgeous old copper pots were once used for making delicious Turkish food. Nowadays they could be used for a range of applications, both indoors and out.


Cameroon Mask

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Colourful, intricately handbeaded masks from Cameroon.

Olive Basket

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These amazing perforated galvanised steel Turkish baskets were originally used to gather and wash fresh olives. Indoors or outdoors, storage or vintage pot, find your own way to display them.

Vaso Bordato

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A beautiful squat terracotta cylinder with a rolled rim, manufactured by Italian company Deroma in a soft terracotta finish.


Also available the Vaso Magno, Vaso Conico  and Vaso California bowl.

Vaso California

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A contemporary terracotta bowl manufactured by the Italian company Deroma, in a earthy graphite finish; perfect for massed succulents or herbs.

Or cluster with other terracotta pots like the Vaso Bordato.

Vaso Conico

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An elegant contemprary conical planter manufactured in Italy by Deroma, available in an earthy graphite finish.


Works well in clusters with Neptune Egg pots and Woodfired Cone Pots.

Vaso Magno

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An elegant contemporary take on the traditional terracotta planter, from classic Italian manufacturer Deroma, available in two finishes, a soft terracotta and the earthy graphite.


Match these with other planters in the Deroma range such as the Vaso Bordato and Vaso Conico or the Vaso California bowl.