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Antique Brass Planters and Trays

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Hand selected range of beautiful old Indian cooking pots, ceremonial vessels and trays. Use as planters to add texture and interest, teamed with indoor plants or foliage.


Various sizes and shapes available. See instore for details.

Prices from $195.

Bakir Kazan copper pot

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These gorgeous old copper pots were once used for making delicious Turkish food. Nowadays they could be used for a range of applications, both indoors and out.


Copper Vase

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These incredible vases are locally made from 'upcycled' copper pipes. The minimalist cylindrical shape enhances the beauty of the different finishes. A stunning piece of art for any indoor or outdoor space.

Olive Basket

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These amazing perforated galvanised steel Turkish baskets were originally used to gather and wash fresh olives. Indoors or outdoors, storage or vintage pot, find your own way to display them.